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Our Services

More than just a motorcycle shop: we are one-stop specialist outlet with decades of history supporting London’s Harley-Davidson riding folk, and right at the heart of a network of trusted suppliers of wider services!

Workshop Services

From a simple service or standard job right up to a full custom commission or high-performance upgrade, our fully equipped workshop and machine shop.

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Custom Work

Whether a full build or customising an existing bike, we can do everything from holding your hand while working out what you can bolt to

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Performance Work

From tuning a motor that’s not running right all the way up to big bore stroker, we’ve been breathing-on Harley-Davidson engines since before the Evo,

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Need some one-off engineering for your new custom project, or to make a newer part fit an older bike? With a full engineering workshop –

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Import and Export

Importing and exporting motorcycles can be a complicated and stressful process.  With more imports and exports under our belt to mention, let us take the

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Insurance Work

Had a mishap, or been on the wrong side of someone else’s? Our specialist knowledge makes us ideal for evaluating the damage, dealing with your

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MSVA & Registration

Familiar with the regulations and requirements, we are experts in putting one-off custom motorcycles through the Motorcycle Single Vehicle Approval process, ready for registration, as

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Recovery and Delivery

With prior arrangements, we can provide a collection for your motorcycle. Whenever possible, we will collect it ourselves, using our own staff. We prefer it

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Need an MOT on your bike? Look no further. We will service it and go through everything that will be tested in advance – from

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