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More than just a motorcycle shop: we are one-stop specialist outlet with decades of history supporting London’s Harley-Davidson riding folk, and right at the heart of a network of trusted suppliers of wider services!

A hub if you like … or even if you don’t.

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Our fully-equipped workshop features four bays with hydraulic ramps and …


Need some one-off engineering for your new custom project, or to make a newer part fit an older bike?


With a full engineering workshop – and a trained staff who are as comfortable with a lathe and milling machine as you are with a knife and fork – we can help realise you ambitions!

Custom Work

Whether a full build or customising an existing bike, we can do everything from holding your hand while working out what you can bolt to what, to a full commission, registered and delivered to you door.

Performance Work

From tuning a motor that’s not running right all the way up to big bore stroker, we’ve been breathing-on Harley-Davidson engines since before the Evo, and gained a stellar reputation for making Big Twins and Sportsters fly, whether you’re looking for urban grunt or long legged mile-eaters.

Recovery and Delivery

Need a motorcycle moving?

With prior arrangement, we can provide a collection for your motorcycle, using our own staff and vehicles whenever possible, and giving it the same attention as we would our own bikes.


We prefer it to be within or close to the M25, but if collection is further afield we can arrange that too, using trusted associated recovery companies, whether nationally or worldwide!


Need an MOT on your bike – or to put your new build through MSVA? Look no further.

We will go through everything that will be tested in advance – from replacing an indicator bulb to fitting a new tyre or refitting an original exhaust – to make the process smoother for you..


Need to register your new build?

As builders of one-off custom bikes with plenty of experience of the regulations and how to avoid the bear traps, we can make this a much simpler operation. 

Import and Export

Want to bring in a bike that you bought overseas, or to take one with you if you’re moving away?

We have a wealth of experience in shipping high value vehicles in both directions, including how to handle all the paperwork that you’re going to encounter along the way.

Insurance Work

Has a mishap, or been on the wrong side of someone else’s?

Our specialist knowledge makes us ideal for evaluating the damage, dealing with your insurers, and making your ride as good as new!