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About Us

Words of wisdom from The Master himself

At Snob’s Custom Cycles, we strive to provide you, the customer, with a supportive, brotherly and, above all, realistically deliverable service.

You might not always hear the answers you want, but we know our craft, value you as a customer, and believe it is more honest to be realistic than optimistic: this is not some fast-food restaurant.

We want you to know that we strive to manage your expectations and will move heaven and earth to deliver on time. Still, when the power of the universe conspires against us all – when we have to rely on outside contractors/services, such as polishing, chroming, painting, powder coating and other industrial processes – we can lose some control over the work schedule.

This is inevitable when dealing with one-off work of the highest quality, but at times like these, you can tell us apart from the competition because we own our failings. We will do all we can to support you and complete the project to your satisfaction and our standards as quickly as possible.

We aim to give you the best customer experience as cost-effectively as possible, whether maintaining, servicing, repairing, rebuilding, restoring or customising your motorcycle or designing and building a full-blown custom from the ground up.

For nearly half a century now, I have personally specialised in putting and keeping American motorcycles on the road—Harley-Davidsons, Buells, Victorys, Indians, or one-off American V-Twin custom creations. It has been and continues to be my number one passion.

I have been referred to by some as a grumpy old ***ker, but usually people of low morals, anonymously from behind a computer screen and rarely to my face. I recommend that you look at those who praise us, visit us, and form an unbiased opinion of us of your own making. You might be pleasantly surprised: I might be having a good day.

It’s rare but possible.

Snob (;¬

We’d like to know what you hope to come true; then, with our help and technical expertise, the universe will make it happen!

Who to contact and how :

Our frontline staff may not be the smartest dressed, but they combine a lifetime of bike knowledge and youthful enthusiasm. (I didn’t say they were young though!)

They will always go the extra mile to care for your parts needs.


The first port of call for all your repairs/servicing or customisation needs.

Please be patient, they may be giving attention to and taking care of someone else’s baby as carefully as they will yours when they get around to it!

Customer Services

We would be negligent not to admit that even we can get it wrong! It will ALWAYS be our want to listen, review any criticism or complaint, we will weight the facts and separate them from any emotional content & respond in a mature and professional way. So please be patient!